Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Walk like an Egyptian, but waddle like an emperor

Xan and I went to see March of the Penguins today which, I thought, could be summed up as an exceptionally well-photographed National Geographic special. (Which, as it turns out, is what it is, since one of the production companies was National Geographic Feature Films.) I am in fact not entirely sure why this has become the Second Coming of the Documentary – it’s done well and it’s entertaining and all, but there are better docs out there.

That said, considering that the movie moved fairly slowly and therefore meant that if Xan distracted me I didn’t really lose the plot (“wait, are those the females marching now or what??”), it was an ideal film to attend with an infant. I went with some friends who also have an infant, 7-month-old Ruby. Angela met mom Sarah at her Mom’s Group; I met Adam when they came over for Peruvian Independence Day. And I have to say that Xan was a total champ! He quietly nibbled the restraint in his carrier through the (gazillion) previews, then sat snuggled in my lap, fascinated by the movie for almost 45 minutes. Maybe this is because we haven’t been watching TV or movies with him at home at all? Who knows, it brought joy to my heart. Then, when he started getting antsy, I pointed him toward Ruby (who was being held by Adam) and the two of them hit it off wonderfully, smiling and talking to each other. Oddly enough, we had a seemingly gendered moment when Ruby’s very feminine, high-pitched sighs were met with Xan’s deep, gruff grunts. He also didn’t seem to mind at all that Ruby kept smacking him in the face. Better he learn now! The two of them had a grand old time. Adam, who also will have Tuesday mornings at home with Ruby, and I will definitely have to get together as the semester progresses.

Later, he turned into a movie critic by babbling constantly in the car, full of new-found consonants. Our son turns out to be a budding blabbermouth. This, I’m sure, surprises no one.

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