Sunday, December 09, 2007

Ahead and Behind

The grading piles left over from Thanksgiving are finally completed. I am as mystified as everyone else that it has taken this long. But I'm back and, while I have to now make it through the next week of final exams, I may be back to blogging at least a little more regularly.

To celebrate, Angela and I have thought about posting this Way-Too-Much-Information posting for some time now. So, here goes:

The Last Ten Places Xan Has Asked One of His Parents to Kiss Because He Has Hurt It (And Which We Have Subsequently Kissed, Despite Any Aversions)
  1. Head
  2. Finger
  3. Head
  4. Elbow
  5. Head (hmm, trend?)
  6. Head
  7. Tongue ("Dada, I'th bith my thongue. Can you kith it?")
  8. Back
  9. Head
  10. Butt (For the first time, but undoubtedly not the last: "Dada, kiss my butt!")
I would continue this posting, but I think I hear him crawling up to take a flying leap off the ottoman onto the sofa. Again.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!! Xan the Man is something else. My mom is excited that she will see him again so soon at Xmas. Sorry I won't be there. Have fun with the fam! Patty K