Tuesday, January 01, 2008

¡Feliz año de la papa!

That's right, folks. If you didn't know, it is now the Year of the Potato. Like my family, the potato comes from Peru. This must mean I'll be making more causa limeña, which I've been making fairly often these days. Perhaps because it's so yummy. Mmm.

Oh yes, Happy New Year as well.


Anonymous said...

Recipe please en anglais! By the way, Kelly makes a mean tortilla espanol (Catalan style). Potatoes are the greatest comfort food, in my opinion. Patty K

Anonymous said...

Its also UN Sanitation year - yes, the year of the Toilet.

Middento said...

I actually do have a recipe for this -- in English -- that I can send out. Simply send me your email address. (That goes for you too, Patty K! I don't have your address! :)