Sunday, February 03, 2008

Garbo, reincarnated

Two minutes ago, with me still up late writing, I heard Xan start to cry. "Are you OK?" I asked.

"I want to be alone," he said sleepily.

And just like the Baron von Geigern, I quickly scampered away.

A.M. UPDATE: Actually, he turned out to be lying. Waking up a couple hours later, he had a fever. So we're home today.


Anonymous said...

From all your recent blogs on Xan, I am reminded of Freud's interpretation of Father/Son relationships! Strife! Mothers get it later, with daughters (10 years and on). At least, I did. Hang in there, it is all worth it later on. Patty K

AMD said...

PK - actually, Xan is fairly equal or actually leaning toward Jeff these days (probably because he's nicer! remember, "Dada's a kid; Mama's a grownup"). Jeff stayed home with him Monday. I came home from work as early as possible to help out with the sick boy and was soundly rejected. It was all about Dada hugs, Dada wiping his nose, Dada carrying him, etc. - and Mama should just "go away."

Anonymous said...

AMD - Glad to hear that all is not strife with Blogman and Xan the Man! PK

Lissie said...

Both my boys have gone through *intense* daddydaddydaddy phases which lasted for months! Now the 4.5 year old is all mommy, all the time, and the almost 3 year old goes back in forth, pretty equally between us. We'll see how it goes with a girl! :)

Sorry to hear about the fever, that's no fun.

McNastabator said...

Where's the tough love? He tells you he wants to be tell him nocando, Mr.

He must enjoy your company at all times, no matter how sick he is.


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