Thursday, July 24, 2008

Where parents fear to tread...

I had promised to take Xan to the playground after a nap on our last day in Ann Arbor, fully aware that it was supposed to storm that day. Luckily, there's a cool indoor playground/coffee shop called Jungle Java that has a giant structure to climb around. Xan saw it, went in and didn't touch the floor again until they closed.

At some point, I decided that this was a good moment for me to take my trusty new pocket video camera and venture inside this structure. Clearly, a Steadicam would have been more useful here, if even more impossible to go around various corners; clearly, this was also not made for a thirty-six-year-old man. (That said, you may note I'm not the only one in there.) Please note how appreciative my son is of my travails in maneuvering said obstacle.


Anonymous said...

My from yesterday comment disappeared. Glitch?????

McNastabator said...

My favorite part had to be when he instantly ran away from you when he saw you. Normal reaction to seeing Daddy?

Have you been to Legoland in SD? They have a play area twice as big as this one...if you followed Xan in, we might never see you again.