Friday, June 24, 2005

Late night canoodling

So the other night in Cape Cod, Xan actually slept through the night, it seems. Unfortunately, Angela didn't. Why? Not because she was necessarily worried that Xan stopped breathing in the middle of the night. No, it was because I was snoring. (Yes, occasionally an issue, though I believe not necessarily chronic. It was after a night of massive amounts of take-out Chinese.)

Anyway, the following conversation was held as we were snuggling down to sleep the following night. The entire conversation was held in the same hushed tones.

Me: I'm so sorry about waking you up last night with my snoring. I will try not to do so tonight.
She: It's OK. I still love you.
Me: Still, I'm sorry.
She: Also, I will kick you.

For some reason, this immediately sent me into a hysterical laughing fit for about five minutes (no exaggeration on timing), tears and all.


Mrs. Non-Gorilla said...

kicking and shoving are two excellent ways to (temporarily) inhibit spousal snoring.

i have yet to discover a way to inhibit dog snoring, however. or dog farting, for that matter.

Justin said...

On the topic of sleep disruption, your cat had an interesting habit of jumping up on the bed and, literally, walking all over me while I would be trying to fall asleep after a long, hard day of housesitting for you. I didn't particularly mind it, but having never owned a cat before I always found it pretty startling to suddenly feel some animal pacing around my back.
Of course, I probably deserved this since your poor cat's sleep was probably disturbed every morning by my refusal to stop hitting the snooze on my alarm and get out of bed...