Friday, June 24, 2005

Ooo ooooo oooo ooooo... graaaa!!

Basically, that's my son's speech right now. If he can't seem to muster up consonants, well, then he sounds exactly like what a baby pterodactyl would sound like, complete with the relish in the eyes just before devouring. Seriously, though, major cute points. As I wrote to DZ a little earlier today, he appears to be weighing in on the current debate on Social Security reform. Or talking about Mom's boobs. Definitely one of the two.

Also on the plus side, though not necessarily as cute: his ability to get back to sleep after crying without pacification. Sure, we let him cry a bit but, in general, he figures out what's wrong and that's that.

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Anonymous said...

Well, he did that a bit while we were at my parent's house. As the one handling all the nighttime wakeups now (because in general they're down to about four -1am, 3am (feeding), 4-5am, 5:30 and/or 6am - and Jeff can actually sleep through Xan crying), I have to say that we actually haven't done this since we came back Thursday....