Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy tofurkey day!

Really, we're not having tofurkey -- especially after last year's tofurkey debacle. (It wasn't even a debacle. I think it's just that Angela has a problem with the whole notion of processed pseudo-meat.) We're sticking around here this year, with the Birdtowers coming over tomorrow. And what with the massive accident on I-95 this morning and the mountain of papers I have to grade, all I have to say is It's so good to stay home!!

But here's the real news: my parents have actually jumped back into the world of the Internet! It even appears that the Ann Arbor senior community they live in has a high-speed internet connection. (Those rascals!) So if you want to drop them a line, go at it!

And have some wonderful cranberries on us!

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