Monday, May 28, 2007


"The Winner Takes It All"
("But tell me does she kiss/Like I used to kiss you?/Does it feel the same/When she calls your name?")
Swedish reserve
a can of mace
Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know"
("And every time you speak her name/Does she know how you told me/You'd hold me until you died/Till you died, but you're still alive")

(Swedish entry and winner of Eurovision song contest 1974)
[Frankie Goes to Hollywood +
SNL's "Dieter"]
Verka Serdushka's "Danzing Lasha Tumbai"

(this year's runner-up -- you really need to see this to believe it)

The ABBA Gold CD that Angela found for me at the local library book sale
yet another trip to Ikea
happy child in back seat of car bouncing and singing along to "Voulez-Vous"

("vooooooooooo, a-HA! a-HA!")
completely manufactured Swedish goodness
realization that I walked through the entire store with Xan's child-size fireman's hat only after we got to the check-out line

("Dada wear the hat. DADA wear the hat!")
slightly mortified, but only slightly

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Matt said...

The first time I heard ABBA sing, I was a teen wedged into a mullet-haired acquaintance's GTO and he was "shooting the rapids" to beat a 25 ct toll on the Sunrise Hwy and Waterloo was blasting on the radio.

What if we remixed Waterloo into the sequence from Casablanca in your previous post, centering the chorus right over Ingrid Bergmann's second med shot of the sequence? Would it be clear who won the war?