Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sweet dreams, little boy

So here we are, at the beginning of a new era.

See that? That's my kid. In a bed.

Just off to the left of the picture, you can just see the post that is part of his crib. Early this last week, I found him having climbed up the rail of his crib, stuck at the top because he was afraid to fall down. For the rest of the week, he slept with the rail at the lower position, so that if he tried to climb out, he wouldn't fall very far. (Pillows on the floor also helped alleviate fears for us. As it turns out, he didn't actually try again.)

We had our eye on this bed from Ikea anyway; it's just a regular kid's bed (not a toddler bed), but it does flip over into a pseudo-bunk thing for later. Plus, it comes with a canopy which, because it has stars on it, we naturally purchased. It would have taken me about two hours less time to put it together, but someone small insisted on helping when he realized what I was doing. (Oh yes, and we had to go back to Ikea to return the very cool sheets we bought; upon opening, we discovered to our horror that they were duvet covers instead -- and Xan has the coolest hand-made quilt ever, since it features monsters. Hence, the cool blue tones you see here.)

In any case, Ange tried to put him in the crib, assuming he'd prefer that. Nope: "Xan sleep in big bed." OK, then. If he hasn't slept in it in two days, the crib will go upstairs for good.

Then again, I can't believe this will go without a hitch. As I type his, it's only been four hours. I expect at some point he'll wake up and freak out -- and my guess is that that will happen around 5:30AM when he'll fall out of bed. Stay tuned for updates. For now, let's just hope he keeps on sleeping.


Angela said...

For the record: He did try to climb out of the crib again that week. I found him on the rail after a nap. He looked at me and said, "Mama. Fall..falll!"

Update: He actually started roaming the house this morning at 5am. All else went smoothly

KC said...

Wow. What a major advancement in child sleeping. I shiver at the thought of Jolie heading this way. We need her contained.

Matt said...

Ah! Children always reminding us: there's no turning back. Thanks for this moving snapshot.