Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ketchup, with relish

I know I've been very lax with the blog these days. Finishing the manuscript has taken its toll on extra-curricular writing. Indeed, I only started really seriously looking at the paper I delivered in Edmonton on Monday on the Saturday before. I resolved that I could not go to my workshop until I finished the manuscript -- and so it was that, with about three-or-four hours of sleep for several days before, I managed to finish it. You have not seen a man more relaxed.

Now it's time for a quick edit -- and a lot of catching up. Luckily, the summer class is going well and I've caught up with grading there. I'll have Xan to myself for the next week since our day-care person is on vacation and Ange's 10-month gig doesn't end until next week. I have a flurry of other activity due this summer even after this edit goes through, including the translation book, the final copy of this paper I delivered and a new course prep for fall. So bear with me.

Coming up, however, are a couple other things: a posting about Edmonton in general, and some new pics of the boy, who is splendiferous. And, on Tuesday, my posting for the event advertised here. Originally, I planned to talk about the very woman pictured here since I think Angela Bassett is kick-ass (literally) and I actually really enjoy this movie. (Hey, I even have an academic piece about it.) Either that or Buffy, natch. But this last weekend in Edmonton introduced me to a new, different heroine, which I think could be more interesting for the blog-a-thon. So, stay tuned. And I promise I'll write a bit more these days. No, really.

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SiSi said...

I think whichever kick-ass heroine you talk about is going to be wild! But dont forget to include Mace, Angela Bassett rocks as an ass kicker! I love her in that movie.