Thursday, July 05, 2007

I supposes

You may notice how blurry this photograph is. I tried my damnedest to get a screen shot from this sequence that was relatively clear -- and in all of them something is blurred. That's how exuberantly kinetic this sequence is.

While watching this yesterday morning (before the 4th of July parade, and before -- sniff! -- the mom and the boy went up to Cape Cod, leaving me down here to wallow and work), I remembered that we brought up this sequence at dinner with El Pájaro, La Torre Alta Metachuck, and Konroad (sorry, no nickname for you, hee) the night before. Angela pointed out that, according to Xan, this -- and only this -- means "movie" so far; El Pájaro asked if I could recite the words to "Moses Supposes." (I did so, although later I realized I had done so "erroneously.") She casually mentioned Xan's attempts at dancing, then said, "Just wait until they can do it together."

Yesterday, while watching it, I realized that this was actually a great idea.

Except, given his propensity towards Cosmo -- and come on, who doesn't want to be Cosmo? My students love Cosmo! The man can walk up walls! Seriously!! -- I realized that if we were to do this scenario, I would have to be Gene Kelly.

Not that Donald O'Connor is any easier, let me tell you, but Kelly has some shoes to fill.

So I did start to google "adult tap classes" (which brought up precious little, save for some Joy of Motion stuff -- can anyone advise on adult tap? please??). Hey, it would also be exercise. Plus, my walking step could get even more percussive. This may take a while, but stay tuned.)

(Oh yeah, if anyone wants to know how I'm doing all alone with the cat, I will point out that I couldn't fall asleep last night, so I straightened up most of the house before finally collapsing around 3. And, sans child around, still woke up at 7. Damn.)


Anonymous said...

"can anyone advise on adult tap?"

I'll ask my tap teacher about DC studios. :-)

the fish said...

it would be interesting to look at single frames from the movie, to see if any of them are clear.

Middento said...

Fish: you mean on the celluloid print? That's a great question. I'm fairly sure the digital resolution in the DVD isn't good enough to get that, but you now have me thinking.

Kristy: Yes! Please! I completely forgot that you dance!

Wifeling said...

"Xan, want to see a picture?"

"Cosmo and Don!"

"Yes. Say Moses"




"his toses"

"heh 'oses"

"are roses"

"are 'oses"

We'll be working on those initial consonants and syllables.

Amelia said...

Hope you don't think this is too weird, but this is a former student of yours... I just read the Persepolis sequel, then found your blog.

I actually used to dance quite a bit, though not so much in D.C. I have no experience with Joy of Motion, but I can recommend D.C. Dance Collective, which is between Tenleytown and Friendship. I did work/study there one summer in exchange for flamenco classes, and the people are really great.

Middento said...

Amelia, you would not be the first former student to find and comment on my blog (and I read a few of the former students' as well). This is great info, though -- thank you!

(And, in case you aren't through with Persepolis, the movie comes out in the fall, directed by Satrapi herself. Got great reviews at Cannes.)