Saturday, July 07, 2007

Reality bites

My son loves everything with wheels. Trucks, cars, backhoes, vans, station wagons, bicycles, cement mixers -- and tractors. Yes, there was an entire book from the library on tractors. There are several in the house. Tractors are amazing things.

Here is a picture of Xan on Cape Cod in a little trailer behind Grumpy on the tractor.
You should really click to get the blow up the picture to see the poor kid's face.

Here's the funny thing: apparently, he's taking a shiner to Grumpy's Harley. Wait until that thing gets turned on.
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Wifeling said...

As you can probably tell from the mouth, he's yelling "MA-MAAAAA!"

I had slipped off the back of the wagon to encourage a little independence on his part and to snap the photo.

Whenever I ask him if he wants to sit on Dad's lap and help drive the mower, he says, "No" pause "It's Grumpy's turn now."

Anonymous said...

Great photo of Xan and Grumpy! The one of the Harley is not opening up. Patty K