Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In Bed with Middento

I recently pointed out to one of my classes that movies are not always released with the same titles everywhere else in the world. In some cases, it's because the significance of the title simply does not translate. Case in point: Madonna: Truth or Dare, which could not be released elsewhere with this title because, funny enough, the "fun party game" is only immediately recognizable in this country. Everywhere else (and this is how it was translated into other languages), the film was titled In Bed with Madonna.

These days, in case you'd like to know, this is what I am often In Bed with:

A. One Tigeroo. Still #1 favorite friend for almost three years now, although these days he apparently also "likes" to be squished all the way into a square basket about half his size.

B. Cool books for me to check out, often placed near or under my pillow. I came to bed at 3:00AM the other night and slammed my head down on this. (It's a hardcover.) (UPDATED NOTE: Item labeled "E" points out that I am actually the one who put said book in that location. This does not change the fact that I think the person who put it there is a bone-brain.)

C. (1) A train of cars, because anything put together in a row can be a train. (Can anyone guess the theme of this year's birthday party? Heck, at least this year we thought about it at least a week before his birthday, which is pretty good for us.) Making trains with trucks brings the best of two worlds together. Lately, the trucks are especially a good thing if accompanied by a (2) squished Mandy. This is easily #2 fave friend, but lately she has also been good to (a) stomp on, (b) rock over with the rocking horse, or (c) roll over with anything with wheels. On the plus side, he usually indicates that this makes her cry and comforts her accordingly. (On the minus side, he often announces that he's going to squish her and make her cry with particular glee. Perhaps it's not a bad thing we don't have another kid yet.)

D. Pizza. Apparently, my side of the bed is something like an oven,, because someone puts the pizza there to cook on a nearly daily basis. Please note its placement under the sheets: this is important, otherwise "the pizza won't cook right." It is usually forgotten there until I try to crawl into bed, so I can slam my knee on it before slamming my head on the book.

E. The Logic Puzzler. Most likely, I do not actually go to bed with the logic puzzles, but I do know that this person tends to be there when I head to bed... Wait a second, I've clearly been staying up much too late these days trying to get work done. Who is this? Do I know this person? How did I get here? Am I in another part of the world?....

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