Monday, January 19, 2009

Coming up on America's Next Top Scullery Maid

Inaugural Ball guru Roxanne Roberts (along with many others) says that one should only ever think of wearing flats to one of these events.

Yes, well, tell that to my wife who bought the near-platform high heels yesterday. "But they're OK!" she says. "There are no seats," I say. "I'm going to wear them," she says. They really do kick ass.

To prove that they are comfortable she might not be crippled for life, she decides to do housework in the shoes.

After an hour and a half, her feet are still fine -- and, better yet, the floor is clean!

Let's see Tyra rock stilletos and a dustpan like that!


Anonymous said...

much better than my layers of wool and hotpacks in my boots - my fashion statement for the swearing in. - greg

Anonymous said...

I'm living in fear that this posting will end up being a repeat of the "what I get for not updating this blog more frequently" entry....
-The scullery maid