Friday, February 25, 2005

Better than the funky chicken

Thanks to the amazing Jeff Bird, I learned about Total Wine, a store which sells... well, you get the idea. Under normal circumstances, I'm fine getting a bottle of relatively decent wine at either Whole Foods ot the wine shop by campus -- but these are different times. I knew I needed quite a bit of pinot noir for the Oscar party this year. (And if you don't know why I needed California pinot noir, then you clearly don't know which movie I'm rooting for in the Best Picture category, among others.) So I needed cheap, but with a wide selection. Señor Pájaro told me to check out Total Wine. I did, and found what I needed.

After finding the wine I wanted for the party, however, I decided to see what other fun stuff they had. I ended up getting a couple bottles of a sauvignon blanc called "Old Tart" (which has a picture of one on its label). But it was when I went looking in the "interestinhg red" section that I found something really cool: Funky Llama. I love it! Great label, an interesting writeup -- something involving cherries, cinnamon and bark, I think -- and it's an Argentine malbec, which I tend to like a lot. Hooray! I can't wait to try the wine. I bought three bottles anyway, just in case we need to bring a bottle somewhere. We'll see if it gets opened after the pinot on Sunday. (Does pinot go well with spinach nuggets, by the way?)

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