Thursday, February 17, 2005

Posting, the First


In my mind, you can blame the Zs for this. That would be Dan Zak and Emily Zemler, two former students who decided to graduate early from AU and head off to the Big Apple to find their way in the world. Great writers too, those two. They both recently set up blogs to get some of their ideas out their in the world and, frankly, I'm glad for them. Probably also because it's all so new and weird and wonderful.

And you know? Even at the age of 32, life's about to change for me as well. And guess what? It's still new and weird and wonderful.

As of today, Angela and I will be one month away from the due date of our first-born. We're a little bit excited. Everything looks normal and running A-OK. And apparently, we have the requisite number of onesies to start with.

So why not a blog? It's the new thing, and I have stuff to say as well. About being a new father. About the movies, since that's my thing. About students and life as an assistant professor, meaning still with tenure to go. There are still lots of questions, lots of stuff that's going to happen. Why not let everyone in on it?

So join me for the adventure.


J.J. said...

It's a regular party. I will certainly read regularly. Is there any way we can link each other on our respective sites? I'm shamed at my lack of savvy.

Anonymous said...

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