Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Everything I needed to know...

Last night, we attended a baby-care class where we learned how to do things like change a diaper and swaddle. I realized that I've actually never done any of this ever before and so, suddenly, everything seems very daunting. Here are some other things we learned:
  • Babies will cry differently for different reasons.
  • When they begin to move, they will explore everything, everywhere, particularly the places where they're not supposed to go.
  • Babies will scrupulously examine everything on the floor, often putting it in their mouths.
  • Babies want attention at all times.
  • ...except when they don't want attention, or have had too much.
  • Babies are apparently fascinated by ceiling fans.
  • In order to cut a baby's fingernails, one wraps him in a big towel so he doesn't squirm too much.
  • Babies eat only one thing for a long, long time and eat on a regular schedule. If you diverge from the schedule, they will complain.

Angela and I noted that all of this we've learned already from having a cat. We though Vega was good training for having a teenager. Had no idea she was also good for infants. A major difference: babies are apparently soothed by the whooshing sound of the vacuum cleaner; Vega, on the other hand, hides under the bed for hours on end the second she sees it emerge.


jenny said...

bwah. sounds like having a dog... only i've heard you can get in trouble for locking a baby in a small crate while you're away at the office...

and welcome to the blogosphere!

Sara Potter said...

The wrapping in a towel to cut nails definitely sounds familiar. That worked for our new kitten, until she got too big and squirmy.