Monday, March 21, 2005

Meet Xan!

Alexander Dadak Middents, born March 20, 2005, 7:03pm Posted by Hello

(More later -- and indeed, there is much more to write, but I am too tired now and need to be back at the hospital tomorrow morning. As you can see here, however, they are both doing wonderfully well.)


Jen Lien said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Jeff & Angela! What wonderful news -- can't wait to hear more about little Alexander. Many blessings upon you all as you get to know him better.

Nell Minow said...

Dear Xan,
Welcome to the world! You have begun very well by choosing your parents wisely. All best wishes to the whole family and can't wait to see you at the movies!

Nell Minow

Sachi said...

Congratulations!! It must have been a long day for everyone involved... and thanks, Jeff, for your phone call in the middle of everything. The whole orchestra was thinking of Angela as we were performing. (Breaking legs & breaking water -- love your sense of humor even in the midst of such an anxious moment...:)

You know what? This year, 20th was the real equinox. (It varies depending on the year.) So, Xan arrived with Spring!

I'm on spring break. Please let me know if there's ANYTHING I can do to help. I really mean it :)

Can't wait to see you all.


GTMERE said...

Greetings from Hanover! Crista and I dashed out to get Mr. Xan a goodie. Can't wait to take the three of you to the Canoe Club!

Maybe you can have a drink this time, Angela!


"greg" said...

Welcome to the world Xan! Hope you are treating mommy and daddy kindly...hold off on the projectile vomiting for a few months, yet. If daddy and mommy thought Sibley was an adventure, well, I'm sure you have a few surprises up your sleeve!
--Priscilla Huff

Joel B. Middents said...

Congratulations! I'm very happy for you too! I can't wait to meet my new cousin and see you too again!

And Xan: Welcome to the Middents Tribe. We're a unique bunch; you'll learn this in due time. You've got amazing parents and you sure to amaze us all!