Wednesday, March 09, 2005

What we learned from Jack & Bobby on the WB

We never watch this show. But dinner ran a little late today, and there was nothing else on. And we got hooked in. And, as it turns out, there were some good speeches we might want to remember as parenting tools for when Xan turns 13, or 17, or whatever.

  1. On whether or not you should like the girl who likes you: So you’re growing up, becoming the guy that girls want to date. But at some point you’re going to have to decide what kind of guy-that-girls-want-to-date you want to be. And that kind of guy doesn’t go after his best friend’s girl.
  2. On “the first time”: Sex is a kind of test. And not one that is determined by whether you’re good at it or not, but whether it’s right. You can have it early, but you might regret it. (OK, granted, Buffy did this in a far more effective manner, in that it demonstrated that having sex with someone may cause them to lose their soul. But still...)
  3. On cities: Apparently, Chicago is important, too. (Who knew?)

It's a little funny wandering into a scripted TV show where we're supposed to know all the characters' stories when you don't. Ange and I were both wondering who this random guy was, thinking, "If we watched this show, we'd know. And we actually care!" A sign of decent TV, I guess. It happens sometimes.

(Then again, I'm going to be like the Movie Mom, because she's so cool and didn't have her kids watch TV. I can be like her. Right? Maybe?!)


Emily said...

I didn't watch TV until college and look how well I turned out! Although I may be trying to make up for that now...

Siobhan said...

Not having your Xan watch TV would require that you not watch TV. Are you really willing to give up TV for the next 18 years?? What happens when Joss Whedon gets bored and starts another series - you gonna give that up for the sake of the child named for one of his creations???

Middento said...

See, that's the thing -- we're so hooked into 24, Lost and Desperate Housewives, there may be issues.

I'm not worried about the Joss problem though -- he sways he's not doing TV again and we have all of Buffy on DVD.