Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What's in a name?

We're getting down to the wire -- even other moms are now starting to say that Angela's getting big. (And yes, she is.)

So it's about time we picked a name, right? I'm being facetious -- we picked a name long ago. And yes, we've looked to see how popular the name we've chosen is by checking out the Social Security Administration website. There has apparently been a surge in the popularity of our chosen name over the last few years and, lo and behold, it's in the top 20 for boys. (Our girl's choice was barely in the top 1000.)

But here's something fun that my sister-in-law found: an application that tracks the popularity of kids' names over the last century or so. Really neat! Check it out. I just love the little graphs -- the ex-math major in me, I guess.

Only other news? The introduction to the book I'm working on -- which I couldn't seem to finish over the summer and have been working on for about a month -- is finally done. On to another chapter!


Oge said...

Is it too late to suggest 'Oge' for your baby's name?

Siobhan said...

Jeff (that would be my Jeff) told me about this name popularity application. I conjectured that my name would have two spikes, one due to the presence of a character named Siobhan on Ryan's Hope (the soap opera), and more recent one due to a character named Siobhan on Ballykissangle (the PBS show). I was half-right, soap operas beat out PBS - who woulda thunk it? Actually, the name barely registered before 1970 or after 1990, but made it up as high as 775th in the 1980's - the decade of Siobhan Ryan Novak (appearing on Ryan's Hope from 1978-1989 and played by 5 different actresses in that time period.)

[This analysis presumes that people made an effort to find out how the name was spelled before using it on their own child - not a safe assumption, I know.]