Monday, February 13, 2006

Mayday mayday! Send coherent plotline... soon.... fading... fast........ *ack*

While Xan is napping right now, I'm prepping for a conference presentation I'm going to give on Roger Corman exploitation films made in Peru in the 80s. After already having gone through Hour of the Assassin (starring Erik Estrada, the most interesting of the bunch) and Crime Zone (which is the best of the bunch, perhaps because I auditioned for it when I was 15?), I am currently watching Ultra Warrior.

I'm afraid I only have a few more brain cells left to give to this cause. This movie, accurately detailed here, is possibly one of the worst movies I have ever seen -- so unintentionally funny, it stings.

This coes after having watched Forbidden City Cop over the weekend, which friends of ours from down the street lent us. Done by Hong Kong fun-time master Stephen Chow in a similar style to Kung-Fu Hustle, I remember remarking to Angela, "I don't know whether this is a really good movie or a really horrible movie -- but I'm enjoying it immensely."

Now having watched Ultra Warrior -- currently on screen: stock footage of random sex acts obviously taken form other movies, offered as an indication that all the women should sleep with the protagonist for some reason or another -- I know what "really horrible" is.

Oh thank goodness. Xan just woke up.

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