Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mmmm, meme-a-licious

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Egg rolls Actually, any deep-fried food from a Chinese take-out, so that includes chicken fingers, General Tso's [fill in the blank], etc. But because the egg roll sometimes comes free with the lunch special, it's that much more of a special treat.
Literary: Entertainment Weekly I'm actually proud of whatever I read in book-form. The fact that I devour EW upon receipt, however, makes it a guilty pleasure in my book.
Audiovisual: A Different World I can no longer find it on daytime syndication -- but that's probably a good thing, because having not caught this when it actually aired on NBC, I was REALLY caught up in the lives of Whitley, Dwayne and especially Freddy.
Musical: Switchfoot Not that I own an album, but I find virtually all their songs on the radio catchy. Close runner-up: that new James Blunt song, "You're Beautiful," which I just love.
Celebrity: Emily Watson OK, not the biggest celebrity. But I did tell my class the other day that I would give an A with no questions asked to anyone who could arrange a private dinner with her for me.

Now I tag (which means, for the uninitiated, now you do it and post the results at your blog, although the html may take some modification for blogspot since this is supposed to be for livejournal users): base2wave, Rusty @ DCLush, McNastabator, Holly-in-NOLA/Lima, and karamale.

To complete this same Quiz, it's HERE.


cardhead said...

Funny, I never could stand Freddy. Much more of a Whitley person.

Karamale said...

thanks for the tag. gimme a second on this one, tho.

Karamale said...

btw, i watched "a different world" on tv when i was in the fourth and fifth grades and me and my classmates would talk about colleges like we were actually about to graduate. i thought that was cool.

anyway, now it comes on the oxygen network weekdays at 11a, 11:30a, 2p, and 2:30p.

(used to be on tbs at like 7/8 am when i was in undergrad, and i missed many an am class because of it). GREAT show!