Friday, September 22, 2006

No more snakes on a plane (or Virgin Mary statues, for that matter...)

While waiting for Angela to pick me up from work yesterday, I stumbled upon a shockwave game called Airport Security. This should be played, if for no other reason that to see the ever-changing, absurd instructions that pop up at the bottom of the screen: "Due to enhanced security measures, passengers will not be permitted to wear PANTS through the security chackpoint" -- which means you then have to remove all passengers' pants, along with the hemarrhoid suppositories, MP3 players, shampoo and shoes which had been previously declared as dangerous. (Add to this the fact that it's actually not the easiest of games, particularly since you lose points not only for letting bad things through the checkpoint but also for violating passenger rights by not keeping ahead of the latest security measures!)

Perfect for those of us who, um, ran into problems at the airport...

1 comment:

KC said...

Hemorrhoid suppositories are not something you want to lose when boarding a long flight. That's just plain mean. I would have MacGyver'ed them too.