Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Watching "Heroes," as little as possible

Last night, NBC decided to re-air the premiere of a new show called Heroes, which I had originally pooh-poohed from the ads as X-Men Lite, incorrect spelling intentional. The show got rave reviews, however, on Monday, so I decided to give it a chance. I now consider NBC's strategy of re-airing premieres genius, as I now claim to be hooked (at least until 24 begins whenever it begins). Some comments:

First, great storytelling. There is nothing really new being done here, but it's done really well. For example, I didn't see the end coming at all.

Second, it's good to see Adrian Pasdar working again. I have said this before (I think) that he starred in Profit, one of the best series about a deliciously bad person that got kicked off the schedule after only four episodes. (Damn you, Fox!... But wait, it's on DVD now! Hooray!!...) Even though he's not nearly as good here, it's good to see him working. Likewise, it's very unusual to see otherwise eye-candy Ali Larter actually demonstrating that she can act, after Final Destination and Legally Blonde. Not to mention that I still don't understand exactly what power she has, but I'm scared of it.

Third, I looooove Masi Oka, who may be the most endearingly hilarious character on television after the entire cast of My Name Is Earl. Along with the upcoming movie Babel, I think that Japanese may be the newly hip nationality of choice, replacing Korean and Icelandic.

Finally, and the real reason I'm blogging about this at all, is Milo Ventimiglia. He looks different here that he did when he played the bad boy in Gilmore Girls, but that's OK. Angela and I were watching the show and almost immediately, she turned to me and said, "Doesn't that look like Dan?"

Ah, Dan. My former teaching assistant now does as little as possible, has been keeping his cars lately in our driveway and, ever since he was my teaching assistant, has been confused with other brooding actors with dark hair and intensely bright eyes. This started when he screened Psycho for my class and, as he opened discussion, found that people were freaked out because they thought he looked like Anthony Perkins. Oddly enough, they were right. (We then played this up by having me race through the classroom dressed as Mother and pretend to stab him at the front of the classroom as a Halloween prank.) Lately, he's been confused for Jake Gyllenhaal. The funny/scary thing about this confusion is that Ventomiglia's character on this show actually seems to also carry himself somewhat like Dan does, if Dan insisted to his older brother that he could fly. Which makes me wonder if Hollywood execs are atually stalking Dan's apartment or something. Which could be a television series in itself, come to think of it. Dan, what do you think?


Linzey said...

I caught the re-airing last night too and was pleasantly surprised. And I love me some Milo Ventimiglia (why oh why didn't you pick Jesse, Rory?). I'm very interested to see where the show goes.

J.J. said...

A stalking reality show is actually a cool idea. In fact, it would be the ultimate TV experience, since the medium is patently voyeuristic to begin with.

As for Heroes, I watched because the premise recalls X-Men, which I think deserves its own live-action TV show treatment ( My assessment of the show: Has promise, if it fires its current team of writers. The dialogue is a mite rote. The one big positive was the clairvoyant painter's depiction of a nuclear holocaust. That was a stunner of a plot point, and drums up appropriate suspense for the rest of the season. But the stuff with Indestructible Girl was gross.

It was a tough moment in my life when I realized -- during the screening -- that I kind of resemble Anthony Perkins, and surely the class would notice once the lights came up.

Now I have to go adjust my birds.

Alanna said...

I was Dan's floormate for the first two years of college. When I first met him I thought he looked like Wes Bentley, and now I think he's got a Brandon Routh thing going on. Pretty sweet either way. Too bad I look like Drew Barrymore and Harry Potter's love child.

Tina Malament said...

Oooh, that's right... I keep meaning to watch Heroes but have the memory of a senile goldfish. (Which is bad, considering it's already supposed to be no more than about three seconds.) I wonder if they'll be airing the premiere online for those of us who failed to catch it.

Besides, I'm supposed to be working on this random paper thing... Curse that Professor Middents, distracting me with tv shows when I'm supposed to be doing homework!

Ah, well, forget Italo Calvino and John Fowles. I've got tv to watch. (Kidding!...sorta.)