Thursday, September 21, 2006

Which is more fabulous?

Please choose one of the following:
(a) The fact that Xan is developing an appreciation for yardwork at an early age;
(b) The fact that his rake and mine match colors; or
(c) The fact that I'm doing yardwork wearing my purple Doc Martens, purchased en route to a Machines of Loving Grace/My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult concert in Boston circa 1992? Posted by Picasa


Jen L. said...

Oh my gosh. I remember those Docs (I had my own pair -- now long gone) from Dartmouth. That gets my vote!

emptywheel said...

I remember the Docs, too, though not the rakes.

I vote for, "D, should have kept looking for matching purple daddy and son rakes."

Anonymous said...

I vote E, Xan needs some purple Docs too.


McNastabator said...

Trick question:

This is not actually are simply raking your child around the front yard.

Middento said...

Hey, raking that kid around the yard sure as heck counts as yardwork. (Angela even concurs.)

KC said...

I vote (a). That little rake is too cute! And children are never too young to start pulling some weight around the house. All you need now is a harness and a pull cart.

Anonymous said...

The purple docs are precious!
Patty K