Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My favorite Oscar nomination

The Oscar nominations are up and I think it's an interesting list with a lot of potential for surprises. (I honestly have no clue who really is the front-runner in the Supporting Actor category, despite conventional wisdom going for Eddie Murphy.)

I have plenty of things I could say about the whole list, but let me give a shout-out to one: Emmanuel Lubezki cinematographer, the Mexican for Children of Men. I've been following him (and director Alfonso Cuarón) since I saw A Little Princess, an amazingly charming little film that was breathtaking as a visual piece. The Academy got it right in nominating him that year and I've been waiting for him to actually win one of these days soon. So forget Abigail and Jennifer and Meryl and Jackie Earle: it was this nomination that I looked for this morning, and I was thrilled to see him up for it.

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J.J. said...

He will win.