Monday, March 19, 2007

Avant moi le were-rabbit

It was supposed to be simple.

He's only turning two, after all. It's not like he's really going to remember this party beyond pictures and what we tell him. No need for a blow-out where we invite every kid we've ever known, with preparations weeks in advance and a major order placed at the catalog that suspiciously arrived in our mailbox only a few weeks ago, from which you can order practically any themed party supply item you can think of. Also, to be honest, we got bogged down in other things, so we really didn't have time to prepare lavishly. (Yep: Bad Parents. Them's us.)

Last week, I was put in charge of general party duty. I decided on a small gathering, just three kids with some other good friends (most of who came for the first birthday last year) on his actual birthday. Since I teach all day, it would have to be dinner, something fun but low-key: make-your-own pizza. And as for a theme, well, thanks to Guess How Much I Love You, we've been on a bunny kick of late and Target fed this kick by placing a large number of Peter Rabbit items in the dollar section. So, after about $25 in stickers, books, paper, crayons, candy and rabbit-ear headbands, a bunny theme it was. Still relatively simple.

Angela suggested I look at this holiday-themed book we got a while ago that admittedly has some good ideas. This is where we found the bunny cake.

And the little wheels in Angela's head started turning. Rapidly.

At 11:30PM the night before the party, Angela is currently shaving white chocolate for bunny fur. She has given me permission to say on this blog that at this point I think she's insane. I'm not even sure I can describe her trying to form cheeks out of the spongy part of the cake, which still needed to be frosted. ("And what about feet? I have enough to make feet!")

It's going to be amazingly cute. Xan, of coruse, may only care that it's cake. Me, I'm returning to my grading.

(Stay tuned? How can you not?!)

UPDATE: 12:30AM -- The beast is completed. See for yourself. Complete with cheeks! And eyebrows, even! Of course, now we're worried that he's going to freak out when we have to cut into the bunny.


McNastabator said...

Is Angela on the left or right?

tee hee.

PS....Seriously...that cake is freakin' sweet.

Ann Dadak said...

Happy Birthday to Xan! Haven't checked out the family site in forever - and it's a very special day. I'm sure the party was great!


wifeling said...

Mark -

Heck, it's easy to tell which is which: We all know I'm not that sweet!