Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Two by two

Xan turned two today, if you can believe it. To wit, this is what we both looked like almost two years ago to the minute:

This is what we looked like last year at his first birthday party:

And this is the two of us, this year:

Seeing these pictures, I realize that I look pretty much the same, with the really crazes smile and the sideburns that could use a trim; he, meanwhile, has changed dramatically. If I thought that last year babyhood was over, he has certainly turned into a boy.

Our friend Howie, who is Boone's dad, at one point said, "I take my hat off to you for having by far the mellowest birthday party we've been to this year." We took this as high praise, as the event was fairly low-key (which is what we wanted) and the kids had fun. Ange and Xan spent a good portion of the day prepping materials and hanging decorations like balloons and streamers, but otherwise it was meant to be mellow. Boone, Xan and Jolie are (respectively from oldest to youngest) about one month apart in age from each other, so they were all on the same page. The kids all made and then ate their own pizzas, although this took some effort as they all tried to eat the cheese before putting it on the pizza.

I also had little reason to fear, as the kids quickly identified the item below as perhaps a bunny but definitely a CAKE. This was, of course, a VERY good thing.

Our good friend Señor Pájaro (who also attended the gathering) sent this note to Xan over e-mail today that sounds like good advice, at least for him:

I think you will find that you quite enjoy being two, as you frolic to and fro, causing ruckuses and parental headaches and knowing that no matter what you do, you are covered by the "terrible twos" clause in your contract, by which you may engage in all sorts of malfeasance that will be met only by shrugged shoulders and embarrased glances that say "what can we do? he's in the terrible twos.

Welcome to two, my child. We love you overwhelmingly. (And yes, we will continue to enable your somewhat unnerving addiction to trucks -- "trucks go backward, say beep beep!" -- for as long as we're able.)


Karen said...

(and tell your parents that make-your-own ice cream sundaes are also way cool. to go along with the make-your-own pizzas.)

Holly said...

Happy Birthday!

It's not "terrible two" is "terrific two" -- twos are precious and sweet! As we were told when Will turned 3 (and have since discovered) it doesn't get terrible until the 3s and 4s.