Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Scene from a lecture on aesthetics by Professor Middents

You will note here that the use of vertical lines denotes a certain aesthetic that indicates a forceful element, perhaps something natural like rain or lava. We might therefore read in two ways. One reading might involve the constant struggle of mankind's domination over nature, where the artist's frustrated attempt at the pastoral is rendered inefficient -- hence, the lines clearly indicating that the artist cannot will not even attempt verisimilitude, choosing instead an abstraction. The other (more likely, given our reading through cultural studies of the artist's history) might find us examining the carefree nature of these lines, exemplified in the seemingly random use of color and the insouciant use of the thickness of each line, reflecting the randomness of both the natural and life in general. The artist appears to have been influenced by other contemporary postmodern artists, as his work is reminiscent of the various Wall Drawings by Sol Lewitt.

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