Sunday, April 15, 2007

The dangers of working in a cafe

I am currently trying to get some work done at Mayorga, a cafe in Silver Spring where I occasionally write. I'm in a quiet room off to the side, which is generally where people work to get away from the mild roar that dominates the larger room.

I have to note, however, that there is a couple who have sat down near me who are clearly having coffee and snacks and seem to be having conversation resembling a first date. I am not eavesdropping; his voice is just semi-stentorian in this already somewhat quiet room. (It's distracting enough that I may move any moment now.)

I'm an Alpha Thetian (indeed, wearing a Dartmouth sweatshirt right now), so those in the know will get an extra kick out of me saying this, but an indication of how this date seems to be going (and why I'm trying to suppress laughter right now) can be summed up in the somewhat disappointed line the guy just uttered a minute ago: "Ah. I guess you don't watch very much Star Trek, do you?"


Golden Silence said...

"Ah. I guess you don't watch very much Star Trek, do you?"

He would've been right for me...I love Star Trek! But there aren't too many attractive guys that like it. :-(

The View from Dupont said...

heyhey - the meme is up, I thought I'd let you know!