Thursday, April 26, 2007

On having a face for radio

When I was in college, I never listened to public radio. Ever. "VPR? What's that?" I would say, feet having firmly taken root years ago in Top 40 radio. There was a point even when I considered broadcast journalism and joined the radio station, first as a newscaster, then as a DJ (since I knew the music on alternative radio better than the DJ who I had to work with). Still, I had never even listened to a broadcast of "All Things Considered."

I reflect on that especially considering that our house radio rarely leaves the public radio stations, leaping back and forth between WAMU and Classical WETA (with occasional stops at the pop station -- yes, we're trendy, and that new Nelly Furtado song is hot).

Lately, they have been advertising the public radio version of American Idol, as they look for a new host, the "host with the most hostiness," so to speak. I listened to a few entries and, well...

I succumbed.

Inspired by the very hotel room I was staying in in Puebla, I decided to record an entry of my own (using my pathetic laptop microphone, but for effect!) and throw my hat into the ring. I'm actually pretty pleased with the results as well. (Although many people are sending in show ideas -- and heck, I have one of my own -- what they've asked for is simply a two-minute introduction, so theat's what I did.)

So, for once, dear readers, I'd like to promote myself: listen to my entry, and then vote for me if you wish. And tell others to vote, too. (This is actually getting fun, listening to other people's material. And I realize I may be in waaaaay over my head, but what other way should it be?) Needless to say, I will let everyone know if somehow I make it past Round 1!

The Public Radio Talent Quest


Priscilla said...

Alert the media! Jeff wants to join the media! No, wait, I am the media.

And, nope, I don't listen NPR either...shocking!

But, I was just live on ChannelNewsAsia...really!


vernost said...

Bravo! y feliz cumpleaños!

I really hope you didn't talk to the pistachio guy.

Anonymous said...

I think I recognize your voice from Car Talk! Do you think it would help or hurt your chances in this competition if they knew you have a Daniel Schorr fan club t-shirt?

I voted for you! --Eric