Saturday, April 14, 2007

Jolie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Last year at her birthday, Xan and Joles pushed each other around in a cart. This year, they shared cake. Not just any cake: Dora the Explorer cake.

If these two ever start dating, I'm going to mark this as the starting point in their true admiration for each other. You can see how totally smitten she is with him here. I mean, really: how can you resist a guy with neon orange frosting on his mouth like that? Hey, is that how I landed my wife?

Either that, or somehow the kids got into the (really) yummy sangría the parents were drinking at Jolie's birthday party. This would also explain both his semi-fratboy expression and her head in the cake, not to mention our complete obliviousness. (This has not stopped the parental planning for a sleepover at their place in the near future involving much more sangría, plus a movie that doesn't involve Dora and hopefully features bad words the Catholic Bishops would totally disapprove of.)


KC said...

Those two are just too cute together.

Just so you know when we're planning that movie...we've never watched a movie with a film professor before and we have low standards.(not Dora low, but low)

Middento said...

KC: You're also talking to the guy who is planning on screening Airplane! to his class next semester, and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls to his honors class this semester (though don't tell them that yet -- it's a secret...).

And what about those Catholic bishops? They actually seem to have some funky film critics over there, even if they find a Peter O'Toole film "morally offensive."

Wifeling said...

"Hey, is that how I landed my wife."

Um, no. To my knowledge, I have never seen you with orange frosting on your mouth like that. And that is NOT a request!