Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ibuprofen? You shouldn't have...

The scene opens with Xan in the back seat of the car following his gymnastics class. In typical Middents form (and given that this backbreaker of a semester only ended the night before as I finished up the grading), I still had to get something for Mother's Day.

I turned in the seat before heading out. "So, Xan, do you want to get something for Mama for Mother's Day?"

Xan nodded his head vigorously. "Yes."

"What shall we get her?" I was prepared for anything.

His answer was definite: "Watermelon."

OK, maybe not anything. "Why should we get Mama some watermelon?" I asked, noting that I've had to answer roughly six "why" questions per minute over the last couple weeks.

"Because she will like it."

I actually considered this for a moment. Then, sense returned. "Um, Xan, I think watermelon is out of season right now."

"Oh." This fazed him for just a moment. "Then I want to get Mama some medicine."

Now I turned around again. "Excuse me? Why should we get medicine for Mother's Day?"

His answer was again unequivocal. "We need to get Mama some medicine in case she gets sick. Then she can get better."

In my mind, I think for a moment that I was just hanging out with a doctor who could have written up a great prescription of something advertised on television that I know I should have paid attention to. Paxil? Oxycontin? Xymox?

"Perhaps we should go to the bookstore instead, Xan."

Big grin emerged. "OK!" Whew.

Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

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McNastabator said...

What's wrong with watermelon?