Friday, September 09, 2005

And the best part is that you have to spray it on yourself

Yes, I'm posting this during the telethon for Katrina victims, serious enough that we're watching it on PBS.

And yet, I find in Entertainment Weekly mention of a new male fragrance I just have to find out about. Indeed, apparently there will soon be an entire beauty care line, so that all us guys can share in the experience of Cumming all over our bodies.

(I can't wait to read your comments on this. Please. Indulge me. Especially Russell, whose own blog never fails to entertain.)


Mrs. Non-Gorilla said...

oh, i think i peed my pants.

and you're watching the telethon? ick. i'm watching scifi friday. well, i was, and now it's over, and i'm checking my bloglines.

ya know, i've always had a thing for pale skinny guys who look good in eye makeup...

Middento said...

Heh -- yes, well, this is what happens when you're stuck with broadcast TV.

And yes, I know about your propensity for skinny guys with eye makeup. And the thought of Gary -- who is not exactly skinny -- in eye makeup tickles me. :)

Karamale said...

haven't most guys already had that experience?

Anonymous said...

Rod Stewart looked great for his age - and he can still sing!
Patty K