Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My Little 50 (Per) Cent

It's September 20th, which marks my late abuelita Susana's birthday. More to the point, however, my little boy is six months old!

Happy 1/2-Birthday, Alexander!!!

In case you're wondering, we celebrated by introducing sweet potatoes into the diet today, following the successful introduction over the last two weeks of butternut squash and papilla. (Mmm, papilla.) We're trying to decide if to follow this with peas, carrots...or actually take a dive into uncharted fruit terrain with apples or bananas.

We also celebrated by supplementing his favorite afternoon activity: watching traffic. Today, someone must have known that Xan wanted something exciting, because a nasty three-car accident happened kitty-corner to our house (!). No one was hurt, but our street was closed for over two hours during rush hour, with the cops taking lots of pictures and dusting for prints, so methinks that perhaps there was more to this crash than we thought. Nonetheless, the police cars, policemen, police dogs and halted traffic (until they closed the street down) provided much excitement for a little six-month-old brain.

My kid is half a year old! Where did the time go?

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Karamale said...

his first un-birthday! (i like to think of un-birthdays as more halfway marks than any day that's not your birthday...but the carrollian version lets you party more).