Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I think that I shall never see/A billboard as lovely as a tree

(Ogden Nash)

As I mentioned the other day, a very large tree branch fell off the other day, injuring a student. Somehow, it didn't dawn on me that the entire tree would be taken down -- a gorgeous old shade tree under which it was very nice to have lunch or read. Indeed, we took a family picture of sorts (with me in my robes) at the last AU graduation under the tree. Of course, if the branches are snapping off in such a willy-nilly fashion, it probably had to go. Still, there is something that makes me sad when I walk into work and see a big tree like that cut down, reminscent of either The Giving Tree or The Virgin Suicides. It makes me wistful, nostalgic.

(Then again, the ensuing stump will probably make a great platform from which to speak at today's student protest concerning the presidential follies set to happen today.)

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Rusty said...

Man, I liked that tree. It was probably weakened by lame-o SC candidates hanging signs off of it.