Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Back to what's important in life...

Movie awards, of course!

Thanks to NPR, I managed to remember to catch the Golden Globe nominations this morning while I was trying to feed Xan some food. (Emphasis on the "try" here, since this morning he preferred to use mush as a skin cream.)

So without further ado:

Why I Will Be Watching the Golden Globe Ceremony
  • 7 noms for Brokeback Mountain (pic dram, actor Ledger, supp actr Williams, dir Lee, song, screenplay, score Santaolalla) because it is that good
  • 3 noms for The Constant Gardener (pic dram, supp actr Weisz, dir Mireilles) because it's directed by a Latin American
  • 3 noms for The Squid and the Whale (pic com, actor com Daniels, actr com Linney) because now I've become really interested in this flick
  • 2 noms for A History of Violence (pic dram, actr dram Bello) although as the clear best picture of the year so far, it deserves more
  • 3 noms for Match Point (pic dram, supp actr Johansen, dir Allen, screenplay) because the mere fact that Woody is nominated in the drama category makes me go hmm
  • 2 noms for Felicity Huffman (film drama actr Transamerica, tv com actr Despearte Housewives) because she's so fab
  • 3 noms for George Clooney (supp act Syriana, dir and scr Good Night and Good Luck) because he's so fat... I mean, it's just so interesting
  • nom for Paul Giamatti, because -- yay!
  • nom for Terence Howard for Hustle and Flow because that man seems to really deserve this
  • only 2 noms for Munich (dir Spielberg, scr Kushner) and only 1 nom for King Kong (dir Jackson) because that makes me laugh
  • only 2 noms for Memoirs of a Geisha (dram actr Zhang, score Williams) because, although I love all these Chinese actresses, I hear the film is a beautiful travesty
  • random foreign film noms for Kung Fu Hustle and Paradise Now
  • TV noms for My Name is Earl, Weeds, Eva Longoria (so people can shut up), Sandra Oh, Kyra Sedgwick and S. Epatha Merkerson
Why I Will Throw Things at the TV during the Golden Globes
  • Shirley Maclaine for In Her Shoes, because there had to have been better supporting actress nominees (hello? Gong Li??) and because if anyone deserves something for this movie, it's Collette
  • 2 noms for North Country (despite the fact that they are for actresses I respect, Theron and MacDormand) because the pic is supposed to be piffle
  • no director nod for David Cronenberg, because that makes the sense that is not
  • no nom for the French Caché -- because the HFP could do whatever they want with this and didn't
  • no TV noms for Gilmore Girls or Arrested Development (!!!!)


J.J. said...

1. North Country is not piffle.

2. Felicity Huffman better thank her lucky stars. Her role on Dangerous Housewives, or whatever, is a stinker -- and she wouldn't be nominated for Transamerica if it wasn't for that show.

3. Clooney deserves every one of his nominations.

Nell Minow said...

I agree with Gittes on points 2 and 3, but North Country was a big disappointment. The film did exactly what it criticized the court for doing in using the main character's (completely fictionalized) sexual background to humiliate her. What was most appalling is that in the context of the film it appears that she is to be blamed for statutory rape.