Sunday, December 11, 2005

Today is sponsored by the letter "B"... in "ba," "babababa," "bwabwbwaba," "boooo" and "Bob."

(Who the heck is Bob? And why does Xan get his name before mine? Sigh.)


kdf said...

all kids start with frontal consonants (b), (m) combined with back vowels (a). Somewhere there's a Japanese dad wondering about Bob, too. Lingual-palatal consonants (d), (t) will follow. Just wait til he gets to glottal consonants (g), (k) combined with middle vowels (eee) - that's when you'll want to treat yourself to noise-cancellation earphones.

Middento said...

Hold on, folks -- Angela just figured out that Xan is actually saying...


How exciting!

cardhead said...

You sure it isn't Bob Fosse?

Middento said...

Oh my gosh -- YOU'RE RIGHT!

He doesknow his dad!

*sniff* *waving jazz hands*

(Any of you who don't understand that can ask cardhead, who gave me that name long ago.)