Saturday, December 31, 2005

As the clock ticks...

...why not consider some resolutions?
  • To write more. Got to get that book done, so preferably nightly. Don't call between 10pm and midnight.
  • To see more movies. Not sure how to do that between Xan and kicking up on writing but I can hope.
  • To get the front lawn in a halfway decent shape, considering how much I wrecked it this year.
  • To be a conscientious advisor for my independent study, capstone project and thesis students.
  • To use the word "frell" instead of the more socially unacceptable word it usually replaces on Farscape to get through the censors, thereby ensuring that my son learns the geekier word first. (This may lead to more social outcastness. However, given that both of his parents survived that, we will chalk this up to something that is "good for him.")
  • To get in frelling shape. (see? why not start now?!)
  • To get the darn blinky Christmas lights up outside the house with plenty of time before Christmas. Or, even, get them up at all, which I failed to do this year.
  • To call my parents more.
  • To have even more fun with Xan, if that's possible.
That's it. I think. Happy New Year -- see you in '06!


Lara said...

i, for one, think you should also add some firefly-speak in there--nothing like a good 'gorram it' or some cursing in Chinese! (the only REAL way to curse, as far as I'm concerned...)

Anonymous said...

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