Monday, January 02, 2006

Neither onesies nor sweaters are covered under the Geneva convention

For my first hare-brained idea of the year, I submit to you the notion that: nudists should advertise in the parenting magazines.

I mean, really, why do we need clothes? And why do our children need clothing? To keep warm, yes. But in summertime, I know many a two-year-old who love nothing better than to strip all the way down and frolic. Is there anything really wrong with this? Why not just let them live and let live and jump for joy at their own nakedness? And why can't we join them?

And can you tell that I just had to torture my son by making him endure a long period of unnecessary crying due to socks?


Joel said...

Come to Houston. We're ALWAYS naked in Houston.

Ok, by "We" I mean me as much as possible. As for the kiddo, well growing up with a man as her central caregiver has certainly taught her one thing; When you get home from work/school, the option to take off your shirt is a universal right.

I however have not learned that frying chicken shirtless often leads to odd accident. Oh well.

Middento said...

Angela might argue that this is a reason to keep the house pescatarian.

Anonymous said...

Love, you had me at "to keep warm." - the wife