Saturday, January 21, 2006

Eek! I've been tagged!

The first time I've been tagged by a meme! How quirky! Here goes nothing...

Meme: State the meme rule; specify who you're tagged by; list "5 weird habits of yours"; then tag 5 people to perform the same meme recursively.

I've been tagged by cardhead, who I even went to dinner with tonight, that dirty bastard! *grin* OK, five weird habits...
  1. I eat avocadoes by cutting a crosshatch into it with a sharp knife, then pouring salt on the avocado half before eating it with a spoon. Delicious.
  2. I also eat the citrus -- such as limes in margaritas -- once I finish my drink. (Not the rind. But I like the fruit.)
  3. Once I've begun reading a short story, I do not like being disturbed until I am finished. I really love getting immersed in the story and fear I will lose that feeling if I am interrupted. (The same goes for watching a film, actually.)
  4. I generally flip through an entire magazine when I first get it, then go back and read the stuff I'm interested in.
  5. In general, I will eat a plate of food in the order of least tasty to most tasty, usually also meaning from blandest to most flavorful. (Why do most of these habits involve food?)
Who to tag? Well, let's try this assortment of fellow bloggers: JJ, Rusty, Basey, Manasse, and LaLoca. (Sorry, Jen, I was going to leave you out of this one this time since I got you last time over email, but I ran out of blogs! Besides, you haven't posted for a while -- let this inspire!)


Rusty said...

I don't know what tagged means.

J.J. said...

Yeah, I don't either.

Middento said...

Both of your knowledge of children's games really leaves much to be desired.

"Tag": you're it! Meaning now it's your turn to do it.

Karamale said...

i'm learning more and more about you all the time now, it seems. hmmmmmm. (taps chin pensively)

McNastabator said...

This "tag" seems to be linguistically and otherwise close to another word...

and it aint "hag" nor "drag"

Keep thinking. You'll get it.

Anonymous said...


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