Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Game over, man!

This morning (actually, about 15 minutes ago), Xan and I were playing in his room after breakfast, both of us wearing out matching Life is Good jammies (Camp Dog on Barn design, thank you very much -- and yes, we are huge geeks) that we got from Gammy for Christmas. I had flown him around a bit above my head and had him in my lap, but he was getting a little tired. I held my hands up and he grabbed onto them. I was about to grab him to pick him up for a kiss when --

Oh my God, he stood up.

By himself. Wobbly, and it unnerved him, and he really wasn't sure what was going on, and I was lightly holding him in place for a moment there. But he was up.

Simultaneously, my heart did a backflip with pride... and my mind say, "Dude, it is all downhill from here."

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Anonymous said...

Tried to look at the jammies, but page cannot be found on your hyperlink. I love mine from Linda - so soft!!! Patty K