Tuesday, January 10, 2006


So, in addition to being the movie awards season and all, I discovered that it's also the nomination period for The Bloggies awards -- or rather, they were, since the nomination process closed last night. I ended up voting for a couple folks that will undoutedly get lotsa votes anyway (like The Dooce) and I didn't even bother telling people on here to OOOH!! PICK ME!! PICK ME!!!!! because I stopped doing that in 5th grade. (OK, I stopped because no one picked me anyway, even when I was begging them from afar. How I ever won that Student Body Government election for Secretary against a popular girl is still a mystery. Oh wait -- maybe it was the free candy I gave out. Thanks, campaign manager Ben!)

In any case, I decided that I would also vote for some of the, shall I say, "off-the-beaten-path" blogs which few people know about. (I voted for Jen, too, but other folks know about her.)

So, JJ and Rusty, if Time magazine starts calling asking why you are the, like, coolest places to go on the blogosphere and all -- I'll be expecting some props in your acceptance posting. Otherwise, no more viewings of my insanely adorbale son for either one of you. Nyah.


Karamale said...

on an unrelated note...to answer your question, i think i need to either buy aterciopelados or at least download them. thanks for the heads-up. ready for a new semester?

Middento said...


I mean, Sure! Of course! Yippee!