Monday, January 23, 2006

Birth of a New Blog

This is primarily directed at all the old students who are still reading this blog, as well as all the folks who have been reading this for all the film stuff.

I have actually started a new blog with -- dare I say it? -- pedagogical purposes. (It's amazing how simple this is to set up -- I did it over Xan's nap!) The Critical Approach to the Cinema blog will be a more collabortaive blog where students (past and present) will be free to post about movies. I will now direct all of my posts about the movies over to that blog for the most part, which will leave this as simply a personal blog. (Maybe I'll leave some movie stuff on here, we'll see how crowded the other one gets...) Still, everyone is free to comment over there and see what my students are up to.

Old folks (that means you and you and all you lurkers), show the young whippersnappers what you know.

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