Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My little boy

I swear, he's getting bigger all the time. And he looks so cool in black-and-white! He is also becoming a daredevil, now that he can stand up against any object. He crawled away from me while I was packing for my conference trip to Vancouver this morning and, after not finding him in his room or the living room, I cam back around the corner to see two little legs trying very hard to catapult a little body over and into the bathtub.

We are in for some trouble now, let me tell you.

(Thanks to Lara for taking this and other pics while babysitting on campus one day!) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

That child has the most enormous, gorgeous eyes.


Holly said...

Those are some seriously adorable, grandma-pinching, auntie-kissing, juggle-when-he-giggles, round and beautiful cheeks!!! Enough to make a Mommy's eyes water and arms ache. Absolutely precious!

Karamale said...

that's a great picture of jr!

(word verification: momlfexm..."mom'll fix 'em")

Anonymous said...

What a great shot - film noir Xan.

Patty K