Friday, March 31, 2006

Not drowning

Xan has spent much of the last week learning that hand motions get him places. For example, he is pointing a lot and, when this happens at meals, I will often offer him whatever he has pointed to, unless he points to the cat. I am still trying to figure out what about my aunt's painting over the fireplace is so intriguing, because he points at it and talks a lot. A budding art critic, perhaps?

Yesterday, however, there was something new: he pointed to the ceiling and then proceeded to wildly wave his arms in a circular fashion. He also looked up at the ceiling fan in the dining room. I am interpreting this to mean that somehow he has managed to figure out that the ceiling fan in the dining room is similar to the colorful one in his own room. This would of course confirm that he has grasped the concept of "ceiling fan" before he has grasped the concept of "Dad."

That alone is fascinating. However, it is also entirely possible that, in my zeal to expose him to quality 80s music, I have accidentally let some LL Cool J in the mix and he is merely responding to the shout-out, "Now throw your hands in the air! And wave 'em like you just don't care!!" (Thank you to Stepahnie Koli, wherever you are, for ingraining in my mind the words that follow: "And if you are a Senior from Roosevelt, somebody say Oh yeah! (Oh yeah!)" I haven't taught Xan that part yet.)

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McNastabator said...

I wouldn't worry until unless he starts calling the cat Da-Da.

Then...Vega has got to go...