Sunday, April 09, 2006

Let me take this opportunity to say...

...that Phish Food? Mmmmm. Even for the lactose-intolerant, corn-syrup-avoiding boy that I am. Yummerific.

Yes, yes, I have not been posting regularly. This is because I got caught behind in my grading and am only starting to see the light again momentarily. And the worst is yet to come. After this weekend, however, I might (might!) get to breathe a little, and will comment again on matters of importance, like how the free world is starting to imitate 24, how I am considering putting my our new favorite book Llama Llama Red Pajama on one of my course reading lists for the fall, and/or how the possibility of a new couch might affect Xan's attempts at acting like Spiderman while attempting to use support in order to walk.


KC said...

I can hook you up with my Lactaid supplier if you keep it on the down low.

Angela said...

And the BEST line from that book: "Stop with all this llama drama!"
(that may be a close paraphrase rather than a quote, but I don't have the book right here and am not submitting this as an academic piece.....)