Monday, April 17, 2006

The photos of my googled world

This meme proved to be highly amusing.

Taken from Kristy, here are the simple rules:

Google Photo Meme -- The first image that pops up on Google Search when you enter:
(1) The town & state you grew up in

(2) The "town" where you currently reside
(3) Your first & last name

(4) Your grandfather's name
(5) Your favorite food

(6) Your favorite drink

(7) Your favorite smell

I'm waiting for Xan to wake up, so I thought I'd do this. I was not expecting some of the results:

(1) The town & state you grew up in: Baldwin, NY. This photo is perhaps not so suprising... except I have no earthy idea where this "lake" is, considering that this small Long Island town is near the beach.

(2) The "town" where you currently reside: Takoma Park, MD. Also, not too surprising.
(3) Your first & last name: Jeffrey Middents. OK, this was a bit disconcerting. I know the bride here, because we went to college together (and actually sang in the same a capella group one summer). But I didn't go to this wedding. My own picture is the second image.

(4) Your grandfather's name: My paternal grandfather's name came up with my cousin's picture -- my maternal grandfather, Maximo Romero, came up with much more peculiar results. The first, here, apparently is a professional cyclist. (No, this is not my gradfather.)

(5) Your favorite food: Rice. Boring perhaps, but I loves my starch, the hell with Atkins.

(6) Your favorite drink: Gin and tonic. If it weren't 8:30AM, this actually looks tasty.

(7) Your favorite smell: The first thing that came into my head was "jasmine," as in the flower. I really love the smell of jasmine in the cool, early summer air. Angela, I swear that this is not the Jasmine I was thinking of.


KC said...

That is one Jasmine you don't want to be caught smelling. Oh, and am I the only one left in the world that doesn't know what "meme" means????

Karamale said...

ooh...can i do this one?

McNastabator said...

I dont know about you...but I want to smell some Jasmine.

Anonymous said...

The Lake is Loft's Lake on Merrick Road...