Thursday, April 20, 2006

Good Egg Hunting

I have shamefully neglected to post some of these amazing pictures of Xan at his first Easter Egg Hunt at nearby (right around the corner) Forest Park. The event is a combination community brunch and free-for-all for candy. We were a little nervous about how this was going to go -- after all, Xan is very mobile, but still only on four feet. (On two feet, we're still a little wobbly... although today he actually stood by himself for a few moments.) As you can see, however, once we pointed him in the right direction, he had no problem whatsoever finding the eggs. And what's the best thing to do with Easter eggs? Bash them together, of course!

As the eggs were being hidden, all the kids were supposed to stay on the blacktop basketball court. Naturally, this was an amazing experience for Xan who, up until this point, has been forbidden to go there because usually people are playing basketball. Now, he (and dozens of other kids) could run all around! At some point, Xan got it into his head to (a) steal a piece of sidewalk chalk and then (b) make a mad dash for the other side of the blacktop. The amusing thing about this is that, because he didn't let go of the chalk, he ended up making a mark every time he put his hand on the ground. This meant that by the time he got to the other side, there was a chalky dotted line showing his path, kind of like the lines you see on the (evil) cartoon The Family Circus.

You may also notice he has no shoes on here, in part because it was so warm on Easter Saturday. The trip across the blacktop caused a bit of damage, which of course we didn't even notice until much later in the day: Xan had scraped up all sorts of skin on the top of his feet. Since then, he has been in at least socks constantly. This whole new "walking" thing has also caused a bit of damage: he has a lovely bruise over his right eye and a small bruise on his upper lip. Yes, if anyone was wondering, we do have a boy.

Oh, by the way, what is the best thing to stuff in Easter eggs? Roasted vegetables, of course.
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Holly said...

I love the chalk marks! What a great idea -- how fun would it be to attach chalk to your kid and just see what patterns emerge... Granted, our kid may not produce the most interesting designs since his favorite game is "run around in circles until we fall down." Maybe Xan could come up with something more eye-catching, perhaps resembling the Virgin Mary? (Wow -- he could pay for college out of the resulting tourist mecca admission!)

McNastabator said...

You put VEGGIES in the eggs? That is so sad! What are you going to give him for Halloween? Soy?


Middento said...

No no no, WE didn't put veggies in the eggs. HE did.

Are you kidding? We did jelly beans.